Main features.

We are committed to providing highly efficient service at every stage and for every type of waste. Our strengths are:


The expertise of a company, the versatility of a Group.

Those who rely on I.M.G.2 can count on the extensive industry experience of the company and its founders and the interaction with Ingeco and Esposito Servizi Ecologici, companies belonging to Indaco Holding together with I.M.G.2. The three companies provide complementary services and comprehensive solutions.

Types of waste.

Our waste treatment and disposal service, thanks in part to the operation of Esposito Servizi Ecologici and Ingeco, encompasses various types of waste, including particular hazardous, toxic noxious and non-hazardous waste, waste produced by treatment and storage facilities, special and municipal waste, waste from demolition and reclamation, rubble contaminated with other waste (plastic, wood, glass), hazardous insulation materials (asbestos, asbestos), waste produced by paper mills, waste from thermal processes, biological and chemical-physical sludge.

85,000 tons treated per year.

Ingeco’s plant in Agrate Brianza and Esposito Servizi Ecologici’s plant are authorized to treat more than 85,000 tons of waste per year.


I.M.G.2 has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality certifications and is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers No: MI40701 Cat. 8 - B.

Vehicle fleet.

We use more than 30 units, diversified according to the type of waste, to always respond quickly and precisely.


Specific Machinery.

We use machines designed for different processing and aimed at recovery in high percentages of plastic, wood, glass, paper, and other recyclable materials.


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