Environmental consulting.

We support our clients with environmental consulting that includes several services.



Chemical/physical and commodity analysis of waste.

We carry out the activity of chemical, physical, and commodity analysis of waste, in particular:
- waste classification.
- Waste characterizations and classifications are used for disposal at authorized landfills.
- Characterizations and classifications of waste for disposal at waste-to-energy and/or thermal destruction plants.
- Characterizations and classifications of waste for delivery to recovery facilities.


Authorizations and renewals of disposal plants and transporters.

We take care of bureaucratic and technical paperwork such as:
- appraisals of suitability and technical direction for registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers.
- identification of activities subject to authorization.
- authorization for the construction and operation of waste treatment facilities.
- authorization to use mobile campaign equipment (screens, shredders, etc.).
- A.I.A. (Integrated Environmental Authorization).
- I.P.P.C. (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control).
- E.I.A. (Environmental Impact Assessment).
- Water discharge authorization under Regulation 4/06 R.L.
- Provincial emission authorizations according to art.269 and 272 D.lgs. 152/06.
- energy certification of buildings.
- technical-legal consultations.


Setting up company quality systems.

We deal with the setting up company quality systems by the EUROPEAN NORMATIVE UNI EN ISO 9001-14000. Our service includes:
- qualified in-company consulting.
- provision of primary documents for setting up the company quality system.
- remote consulting and support.
- pre-certification inspections.
- survey of customer satisfaction.
- staff training.
- submission of the report on waste produced “MUD”.
- training courses on specific issues.    
- ADR consultant for waste and dangerous goods management.

Consulting and assistance on technical and administrative practices.

We offer dedicated consulting services on technical and administrative practices.

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